Sunday, September 11, 2005

all alone

reports. analysis papers. family feud. pressure. quizzes. STUPID!

i wanna know who created education!! y it did came this popular! arguments. arguments. arguments.

i am a senior college student, i was in a prestigious school and i am the eldest so, all pressures in the family is subjected to me.

i am so lonely, and i don't feel good the whole week. it's a weird feeling that i over spend my money for the whole month!

i am devastated. demonic as it may be. i am hopeless

my friends keep on telling me i needed time for myself alone and have fun.

well, how can i do it if somethings bothering me and there are people around me that pressures me. i hope mom will be able to read this.

i love my mom so much, she have changed a lot.

i love my dad too, but i hate him because he's so hard headed.

i love my siblings that's why i do all the best to be moral in their eyes.

i really love my lola who took cared of me since i was born, i grew up with her that's why its hard for me to lose her.

i love my lolo but we don't talk that much we are just ok when i borrow his motorcycle.

i love my friends who supports me all the way.

i am a barkada addict so i can't live without them.

i love eki, who's always with me, in good and bad times. she's my shield, my strenght and my hope. so without eki, i am not complete.

i must admit, i am not feeling well, i dunno what is happening to be, i need my friends as much as i needed my family, i am not happy with what they are doing to me anymore. i am so lost. sick!

i dont know what i am writing now, its all nonsense, i am close to giving up everything.

i am not this, powie used to be strong and happy!!!!

Florentin, Florie Faye D.

The Industrialization Issue
Chapter 19

Unindustrialized as synonyms for “poor” or “underdeveloped”. Industrialization is a crucial to development strategy also because it will radiate stimuli throughout the economy and lift it out stagnation. There are certain effects of industrialization, because South Asia’s intellectual leaders believe that the present high level of development in advanced countries is the result of changes set in motion by industrial revolution. In a communist ideology, industrialization embraces a theory and a program calling, for the setting up of a fairly comprehensive industrial structure based on heavy industry in every country. This was imitated by underdeveloped countries. Communist doctrine planned and directed industrialization as a technique for engendering development. Soviet successes in planning convey lessons they would like to apply when charting their own course of development. Added to this doctrine is that true political independence from colonial dominance can only come through planned industrialization.
The ideology of industrialization has also been stimulated by the concern over the relative decline in the world demand for raw materials of South Asia has traditionally supplied. South Asia is faced with the exceptional problem of its agriculture having very real difficulties in coming anywhere near fully utilizing its labor force. There is a challenge of a largely unskilled labor force and a small and inexperienced managerial force. This adds the belief that large and highly mechanized industries are better suited to the maximum use of what skills and technical education do exist. There is a policy that appears to be rational, that it will encourage the increase of skills to overcome social restraints on their effective use. But this may not be uniformly favorable if modern technology is used to evade the social and institutional obstacles that have long inhibited economic performance and perpetuated low levels of labor utilization. That in the future there will be larger proportion of workers are engaged in productive activities outside agriculture.
The simple conclusion in itself provides a rational basis for the strivings of these countries to industrialize as rapidly as possible. We shall be concerned on the conditions limiting industrialization drive with the restricted possibilities it offers for raising labor utilization in the near future, and with the very compelling need for development efforts in many other directions. Analysis of the hazards and limitations points rather to the importance and urgency of overcoming the obstacles to successful industrialization.
Problems of South Asia in general before planning for goals;
1. The employment effects of industrialization cannot be expected to be very large of several decades ahead, until the region is much more industrialized.
2. The labor force is growing too rapidly.
3. Traditional manufacturing is affected, using up-to-date techniques, turn-out goods competing with goods produced in mall-scale enterprises and crafts. Rationalization normally implies that less labor is used to produce a given quantity of output.
4. But if new or enlarge industrial enterprises are brought into direct competition with the remnants of the traditional crafts or with producers in other non-modernized units, the over-all effects of industrialization on job opportunities may for a considerable time be negative.

In this situation, planners and governments face a serious dilemma. The long-term goal of using industrial expansion as a device for modernizing the entire economy. But the short-term interest in preventing serious deterioration in traditional manufacturing, and particularly in crafts, conflicts with this long-range objective. If planners in South Asia have tended to overestimate the employment effect of new industries and to underestimate the likelihood and the impact of backwash effect, they have also tended to exaggerate the force of expansionary stimuli radiating from industrial starts-the spread effects hoped for from industrialization.

A lot of problems and crucial effects of industrialization affected the Asian countries. They have brought modern technologies to the countries but the economy is still not ready for innovations like industrialization. But then they’ve come up with possible solutions that gave rise in surviving the influence of modernized economies that are still underdeveloped up to now. The author has stated possible solutions to it. These are:
1. that the industrial sector must stretch beyond the and concern the economy as a whole.
2. Labor force can be effectively utilized outside agriculture and especially in modern industry, cannot be absorbed more than a small fraction of the natural increments in the labor force for decades ahead.

3. Industrialization will have an important effect only gradually, when it was reached a mush higher level, means that these countries should industrialize as soon and as fast as they can.

4. Mass education and ability to change attitudes and institutions in which they are rooted.

5. There must be a significant change in the economy by he help of direct interventionist policies toward other sectors of the economy, it would merely bolster the enclave pattern of colonial economic experience.

6. Raise labor utilization in the more traditional-bound sectors of the economy.


In this chapter it has tackled about the implication of industrialization in an underdeveloped economy such as the economies of Asia. As we can view our economy today, most specially the Philippines, we are having a hard time dealing with things that would develop our economy. We have been eaten up by our ambitious attitude that’s why. The author of this chapter tells us that we are invaded by the introduction of industrialization. We can say that a developed country must, might at least, be industrialized. In the case of the Philippines, we can say that we are a bit industrialized but we are not yet fully developed because we are not capable of so many things that will lead us to the new innovations that boom our economy.
As a citizen of this country, I can view the economy of the Philippines as something that is hard to handle, that’s why our government leaders are not capable of handling the government. We as citizens are the ones responsible for such changes because we are the one who have started all of these troubles. We have to change in ourselves first before we crucify our leaders, because these things are not doing any good for our economy, we are just ruining it the worst! We are craving for an industrialized and well functioning economy and yet, we are the ones distracting some other possible things to happen. We are being just good in the name of laws but we are not good in analyzing what the laws are. They are there to guide and not to be implemented all the way. Why can’t we just do something in our own ways first than to oppose the ones in the position, these things I believe started on us. US. The people who say they are overused by higher people, then why can’t we ask ourselves first? In this chapter as it is applied to the case of the Philippine economy, industrialization is a big question, we have started industrializing our economy but we have not gone that far like the others have. In the case of labor utilization under industrialization, labor is lessened because of the machines. Manpower had to compete with the quality that the machines create. It seems like we manpower is dominated by machines because they create more effectively that that of man. The ideas of industrializing the economy have certain good effects and bad effects, and it creates more bad effects to labor.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Meron pero parang wala.

Nagmamahal? ano nga ba ang silbi nito pag walang minamahal?
Madaming tao ang nakakadama nito. Madami ang nasasaktan dahil dito. Minsan, napadaan ako sa isang kalye, walang tao, walang kahit ano. Malinis ang paligid at tahimik. mag-isa lang ako. Palagi akong napapadaan sa kalyeng ito, at ganon palagi ang nakikita ko. Wala ni kahit ano. Nagtaka ako at tinanong ko and sarili ko, palagi nalang ba na ganito ang kalye na ito? at palagi nalang ba akong mag-isa?.. Madami akong kwento, kaibigan ngunit sadyang parang may kulang parin. Minsan, nagsimba ako mag-isa, nag-isip. Halos lahat ng aking makita, may kahawak kamay, kayapos na parang magkarugtong na. Nakakahiya tumabi at tignan sila.

Mabigat ang pakiramdam ko pag-uwi sa bahay, hinahanap ko ang kulang. pagtulog ko, nag-isip ako. nakahanap ako ng sulusyon at dahilan kung bakit ganito ako. nagmamahal pala ako. ngunit malungkot parin ako. Masaya ako pag kasama siya, wala akong hangad na iba basta kasama ko lang siya. Hindi ako naghahangad na ibang pakiramdam, hindi ko hinihiling na mapansin niya. oo aminin ko, Mahal nga siguro ito.

Ganun kahirap na nagmamahal ka, pero wala namang pagmamahal. parang sa kalyeng palagi kong nadadaanan. Tahimik, wala kahit ano, AKO lang mag-isa and tanging tumatahak sa nararamdaman ko.

Mahal mo pero hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo.

i miss something that became important to me.

i miss you blog!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i dunno what i am doing to myself. mylife. myfriends. myemotions. everything. as in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!!
it really so disgusting this day. i dunno why. i am feeling so awful! shit.

what is this i am trying to tell you people?!
can anyone tell me what's my problem?!
i am not like this before. i was a bit excited going to school and in doing school works but, by this time.. i am so bored. do i need somebody again to guide me?1 nah.. i must live my own. learn things and explore. why is this all happening to me. i had problems but i know i'll be able to cope with soon.

i am little insecure of something and someone. whew! i don't really know what i am saying. but this is how i express myself this time. as if i am not in the "normal" powie that i used to be.

to end this, i just wanna be happy. can somebody help me?!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I feel nervous but satisfied. I don't know why
I feel blue but happy. I still don't know why .
I feel uneasy but comfortable. I really dunno why.
I feel seeing myself smiling but tears were falling. I can't imagine why.
I don't know but I feel these feelings. I don't know and i can't express.
I regret feeling these! and it's so hard to interpret.
I reorient myself with everything starting from the tiny things that i know but still,
I hardly can't understand.
Why is it like these?! and all i can do is cry.=('

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ukinnana! pakshet! putangina!

"Don't say badwords". Lagi ko itong naririnig mula ng ako ay pumasok sa eskwelahan. Infant Jesus Montessori School, Santiago City, Isabela. yn ang pangalan ng School ko. Astig!
Isa ako sa mga makukulit at pasaway na bata noon sa Monte. (short cut daw ng MOntessori)hahah.. Kasama din ako sa grupo ng mga estudyanteng madalas puntiryahin ng mga frat sa Santiago. Pero, wala kaming frat, naiingit lang sila sa samahan namin dahil kami ay mga MORAL na barkada. May kwento ako tungkol dito. pruweba!
Sa tambayan sa may Malvar, hilera ng tiangge store. sa kubo. nakatambay ang talo kong kaibigan. hindi sila pumasok ng pang hapon na klase ng bigla nalang sinugod sila ng grupo ni Madonna! ang puntang inang un! color coded pa nga sila eh. naka black sila, as if may papatayin. Mga Feeling!! at tinira nga nila sa ulo ang isa kong kaibigan, hindi naman maipagtanggol ang kanilang sarili dahil madami sila at my Breeding ang mga kainigan ko. ayaw nila ng away.

xempre sino ba may gusto?!

Umiiyak ang aking kaibigan at natrauma yata, hindi ko actually alam kung paano iyon nagumpisa. ang alam ko lang ay ung Boifren ng kaibigan ko type ni Madonna, as if naman magugustuhan siya eh sing itim naman siya ng uling! (pasensha poh, nadadala lang ako ng emosyon)

hahaha.. Syempre nasa amin parin ang huling halakhak!

ang T-a-n-g-a ni Madonna! hindi niya alam anak ng Fiscal yung sinapak niya!.. hahaha.. aba xepre, nagsumbong si aking kaibigan sa kanyang ina at sa kanyang ama, sinuplong ang tatlong babaeng kilalang lider ng gulo sa La Sallete High School, Santiago. haha.. nawarningan sila at si Madonna na kick-out. hehehe.. panalo parin. Moral kasi kami!

kaya Madonna and company. Mga putang ina kayo!!!

_ayoko po ng gulo at naalala ko lang itong kwentong ito na sadyang pinagsimulan ng kaguluhan sa barkada ko. ang sumunod na mga tao ay hindi ko kailangang banggitin pa. Isa lang siya na sumira ng samahan namin nung 3d year. i bet you know HER. and i really hate her, she's been selling her body just to have the things she wanted. money. attention. vices. i dunno._

hayy.. my barkada means a lot tome. You may say i can't live without them. Yes, i really can't.

We are separated by the flow of life, but still our bonding is strong and we still (i think) treasure each other.

we are Astig! y?! you must know..

i don't know why i am so much addicted with my barkada. I can sacrifice everything just to be with them, that's why my mom doesn't let me get out on weekends way back in highschool because she knows i'll go home late. hehehe..

We've been through good and badtimes, memories that will be treasured forever.

people would not understand me eventhough i explain to them why i love my friends more than everything.

These things makes me really fond of being with them.

_they would teach me new things like;
nice books to read
and a lot more.

hey! i have to cut this..
the librarian might get angry! Overtime na.. hehehe..

bye blog! moahhh.. be continued.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Tired of listening on others LOVE stories

Why is it thateverybody shares their love stories to me?! I haven't experienced one yet, so i don't really know how it is felt. I can say i'm desperate on love but i am not desperate to just find a person that would treat me like how i want to be treated. i am just being a friend to everybody but i am tired of listening to your stories! you have your own choice and old enough to know what is and what's not!.. i am not angry, i just pity myself for not having one like yours. I am not envying you for what you have right now, it just that, you must not ask me always about it.

here i am again, doing something unimportant and i haven't reviewed for my exam yet...

i just want to share what happend to me yesterday blog..

i am at the same computer shop where i was yesterday, i finished my critique paper for three hours yesterday and i am with Carol.. the butterfinger.. haha.. u've gotta find out what is it.. haha.. and right now, i accomplished something for clara.. a favor.. moahh...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I am the eldest in the family and i have 2 siblings. we are all girls. i left my hometown to finish my studies for college for a proffesional degree. and now, i am living with my relatives which happens to be my father's siblings. i've been staying in an apartment of one of my aunts together with her daughter, my cousin. at first, we share a lot of things together, we laugh, we cry, we even tell every little detail that we wanna share about what we want, what we have and even the love we feel, crushes, and almost everything. i seem to be happy at first, but then everthing changed. There were times that i feel i am not part of the family. i must say, i hate their attitude, the way they act, they talk, and also the way they make "tsismis" towards someone who doesn't care about them. they are so judgemental. i don't know where they get their attitude, that i think, is not a moral thing to do. nakakainis. nakakasar. badtrip. makitid ang sense of thought. i just don't feel liking their attitute that for me it is so stupid.

if you would ask me if they were religious, i would say, yes they are but for me they are plastic. they don't practice what they learn from God. Yes, they pray for every person they know but after which, they say thing opposing them what the heck?! is this what they think MOral?! where are their values. kahit na kapamilya nila, hindi napapalampas ng panghuhusga. they are so rude! i have this another scene, they were downstairs talking about something i don't know and i don't care to know.. as i open the door on my way out for school, my cousin who is the eldest among us(paternal) said, ur blush on is so red and your wearing that dangling earings and you seem to look like "pokpok". the hell she care!!! i can carry myself though. i just opened the door and walk out, yes i was hurt. i am HURT! why should she say that with matching facial expressions that annoyed me. arghh.. she is so pakealamera and i can't control myself thinking na hindi kasi siya makapagsuot ant makapag-ayos ng ganun kaya nanlalait siya! at wala na kasin iaayos ung mikha at figure niya kahit na anong gawin niya! mukha parin siyang BABOY!!! i am sorry if i can't help myself saying those. it is true naman eh, she can't wear sexy dresses, kasi she thinks na she does not feel being liberal. dalagang filipina daw, pero walng breeding... haayy.. i may be rude. i may think na ako din may pagkakamali, yes i admit it. I am hard headed at wala din akong pinagkaiba sa kanila. well, they are my family and i got it from them (maybe).. i can't deny the fact that they are my family so i amstill trying to eat up my pride so that everything will be peaceful..

well, i may say i'll never become peaceful while living with the people who does not give me peace!!! this is hard but i have to do this, as for my parents, they want me have a place for my own bur they just don't want arguments. well, God will always be at my side and friends. i will survive.